PGL Logistics
Speedy, Secure and
Smart logistics service
PGL-Logistics aims to join the ranks of world-famous logistics businesses based on an
innovative mindset and a willingness to face every challenge.
PGL Logistics creates and provides world-class service to meet customers’ needs.

This is a basic philosophy applied to all the services that PGL-Logistics provides to customers.
PGL-Logistics always puts customers first and does its utmost to provide top-notch services that perfectly meet the various needs of customers.

PGL-Logistics endeavors to create customer value in various logistics areas, such as project cargo, break bulk, general cargo, consolidation, door-to-door service, container freight, bonded transportation, customs clearance, delivery, storage, and consulting, through its global networks that aim to reduce customers' logistics cost and provide top-notch services as well as its network systems that connect major ports and airports worldwide.

PGL-Logistics has established the foundation to grow into a world-class logistics company by aggressively investing in overseas business areas in order to secure major overseas bases and build logistics networks, and it is not sparing any investment efforts in developing competent logistics experts.

Based on its global logistics networks and professional manpower, PGL-Logistics will make a leap to the world's best comprehensive logistics company that creates and provides world-class services for customer satisfaction.

World-leading service through 3S (Speed, Secure, Smart) solutions for customer satisfaction!

Providing competitive logistics services based on principles of satisfaction and happiness
Differentiated marketing through continuous logistics service and process improvement
Strengthening of partnership to ensure sustainable growth and core competency
Customer value first
Continuous service improvement
Customer-oriented organization management
Respond to changing environment
ERP system implementation
Trust building based on cooperation
Continuous improvement on work process
Logistics expert retention
Differentiated logistics service

History & Vision

  • Open 50 Global Network Stations
  • Offices (AT, DE, ES, PL, HU, SK, CZ, Etc)
  • PGL Logistics Holland B.V (Planned)
  • PGL Logistics Poland
  • PGL Logistics Frankfurt (Planned)
  • PGL Logistics(Yantai)
  • PGL Logistics (Canada)
  • PGL Logistics GmbH (Austria)
  • PGL Vietnam Ltd
  • PGL Hongkong
  • PGL Japan
  • PGL Korea Ltd (Holding Company)
  • 2020
  • 2019
  • 2018
  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • 2013
  • Award Global top50 Agency Award (Planned)
  • Owned Trucking company (Planned)
  • Owned Customs Licensed service (Planned)
  • Air Consol service (Planned)
  • W/H & Trucking, Customs service
  • Eastern EU Networking service with Asia
  • FRT Forwarding, Customs, Warehousing
  • FRT Forwarding & Bounded WH Service
Speedy, Secure and Smart logistics service
Speedy, Secure and Smart logistics service